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Today’s Meetup: GTUG

Excellent meetup today over at Startpad in downtown Seattle. We got to listen to a few folks show off some GWT projects. Overall it was interesting. I can’t say that the direction we’re headed with mobile and web development will see us using any GWT soon, but as things start rolling, this is something we’ll definitely start looking at as we foray into complex, interactive AJAX-y web UI/UX.

The best part was networking with other developers. The lead of Goto, a home screen replacement for Android, shared with us some challenges he and his team have overcome and how his team operates. I look forward to see what else he and his partners at Innoweb Tech release next.

These meetups are a great place to network. It takes a little effort to step out of our shell but well worth it. Sometimes I do sit there and wonder if some of those that make it are just there for the free pizza. Either way, see you there next month!

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