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Beta Testing Android Apps

I posted a quick howto on Google Play Store’s new Android app beta test functionality over at PugetWorks.

(And oh, hey, sorry for not posting in a while – we have been having adventures – I’m still doing contract software development, while Koa is employed at Google!)

ACLU PrivacyDefense, an Android Game

So today wraps up #SeattleGiveCamp 2011, where we’ve been hacking away with a table full of friends on Privacy Defense, an Android Tower Defense game for the ACLU. It won’t go live this weekend, but it’s open source under Apache 2.0, so feel free to download and try it out.

In Privacy Defense, big businesses, computer criminals, and the government are trying to get to your personal data. You fend them off with the help of education, lawsuits, and the legislative system, represented by Teacher, Judge, and Lawyer towers! We had a blast working on this game – thanks to Seattle GiveCamp!

gTablet? You’ve had a long day…

Flicka 1.4 is available!

You asked for updates, here they are! Mostly, the new Flicka is a refactor so that we can deliver more features to you in the future, but you’ll also find some nice enhancements. Check out the most full featured Android Flickr client¬†on the market today!

7 Simple, Useful Android XML Animations

From time to time we enjoy inserting animations into our applications to add a slight swagger to their step. Instead of keeping the animations to ourselves, we’d like to share them with you; some of them were created by Google’s Android team, some were written by us; all of them have found a special place in our Android hearts.

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